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Photo Editorial | Silo With Martin Ehmele

Photo Editorial | Silo With Martin Ehmele

"To feel at home for me has more to do with people than with places. And yet, over the years, I've grown a lot in this apartment. It has always been a safe space for me. A refuge to reconnect with myself. And a place to gather with all my friends and family. Just recently I was gifted the most beautiful coffee table made of pure brass by @silocrafts and I love it so much not only because of it‘s look—it‘s also the tactile. And it‘s the idea of it being so enduring, that my most important people will put down their glasses on it for so many years.- Martin Ehmele, Digital Creator
We recently collaborated with Vienna based Digital Creator, Martin Ehmele, on a styling of The Olympus Coffee Table and are so happy to share his photographs. 
Thank you, Martin, for the beautiful words and the creative energy with this collaboration..
View The Entire Gallery HERE
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